Floaters and Flashes

Updated: Aug 6

Sometimes, our vision may be clouded by dots or lines. However, if this occurs often, it may be a sign that you are suffering from a serious eye condition.

Floaters are lines or clouds that may sometimes obstruct your vision. when you are looking at a plain background, such as a grass patch or your room wall, while flashes are illusions of bright streaks of light which may appear on and off for prolonged periods of time.

Floaters and flashes are caused by tiny clumps of gel inside the vitreous of an eye. These clumps of gel cast shadows on our retinas. By shifting our eyeballs, we may be able to change the placement of these clumps of gel, and move them away from one's direct line of vision.

The risk of having floaters in one's eyes increases as one ages, as one's vitreous starts to degenerate. However, floaters and flashes are also more common for people who have myopia, had a previous cataract surgery, or a previous eye injury. While having floaters in one's eyes cannot be prevented, we should all still maintain good eye health and conduct regular eye checks.

Unfortunately, floaters cannot be removed through medical procedures, but they do tend to diminish over time.

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